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Wh[it]e\'s Web DeZign Co. | Website Design and Development

If you're looking for some help with website design,
your current website is outdated, needs a facelift
or simply isn't up to your standards, then ...

Here's What I Can Offer

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. is a small graphic & web design and development company specializing in designing and building responsive websites that look incredible across all devices. I can design a logo or a look tailored to fit your needs. If you have an idea in mind, I can help you figure it all out.

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. | Website Design and development
web design & development

Professional, modern, and functional websites. Completely custom or Wordpress websites from the worlds most popular CMS platform.

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. | Graphic Art and Branding Identity
graphic art & branding identity

Logo & graphic art. From your website through all social media platforms, so that your brand flows across all platforms.

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. | 24/7 Support
24/7 Support (not quite but almost)

Site support is available whether or not I have developed your site. One year of support is included free for sites I develop.

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Excited to start
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Choosing a web designer is tough.
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I'm like a dog with a bone, I won't
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I am professional and ready to provide
projects quickly and efficiently.


I'm well trained, experienced
and know what I'm doing.

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I have a rediculous amount of ideas
for building your
new projects.

24/7 support

I'm always at your disposal for
solving any difficulties you might face.


Some say I'm a little too eager
but I love what do for a living.

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recent projects

just a few of my recent projects

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. | Grand Lake Electric Project

Responsive HTML Design
Bootstrap, CSS & jQuery

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. | Paramedic Association of New Brunswick Project

UI/UX Design
Wordpress, PHP & HTML

Wh[it]e's Web DeZign Co. | Wuerth's Shoes Ltd. Project

Responsive UI Design
Wordpress, PHP & HTML

Excited to start
your new project?

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I always welcome the opportunity to hear from others. So if you're curious about my plans, products or services or maybe you're bored and just wanted to say hi. Maybe you have an idea for a new project? Would you like to update a current one? Give me a little information to get started with and we can go from there.

My Mission

My mission is to deliver optimal solutions at reasonable prices. For me, customer satisfaction is given top priority and it helps me retain existing clients and expand my customer circle.

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